Model 3 & Y License Plate Lowering Bracket - Touchless - $79 with 20% Off

Install difficulty: Hard 3/5
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Our new "Touchless" front license plate bracket lowers your front license plate by more than 5 inches and it holds onto the lower louver area below it.  

Our "Touchless" bracket does not touch your paint in any way and it looks much better than the plastic stuck on version because more of your Model 3's front end design is revealed. See our 2nd photo where we place the stock bracket where it sits 5 inches above ours. Best of all, our version is not stuck to your car with double sided tape like the stock bracket is, so there is no risk of damaging your paint over time.



      1. Lowers license plate by 5 inches enhancing the front end's design view.
      2. Touch-less - No part of the entire assembly will touches your paint.
      3. It bolts on and can be removed anytime.  
      4. Made from Powder Coated Steel with stainless steel nuts and bolts.
      5. No drilling or screwing into your bumper.
      6. No double sided tape is used that can damage your paint over time.
      7. No Autopilot or parking sensor interference.
      8. Self installs in only 15 minutes. (As long as you watch our install video)

If TESLA installed their plastic version on your front bumper don't worry, just use warm air from a hair dryer or heat gun and warm up the adhesive under the plastic bracket, and slowly pull it away from the front bumper. Apply more heat to soften the double sided adhesive. It's held on by 3 pieces of double side tape. Once pulled off just clean it up with rubbing alcohol and then wax as normal. Then install the RPM Touchless version.

We include all of the tools, all you need is a pair of pliers.

This is designed for Touch Less car washes where brushes are not used. At RPM TESLA we always recommend Touch Less car washes, hand washin, or foam cannon washing. Please watch our installation video before ordering.

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