Model 3 Rear Corner Window Protector Kit
Model 3 Rear Corner Window Protector Kit
Model 3 Rear Corner Window Protector Kit
Model 3 Rear Corner Window Protector Kit
Model 3 Rear Corner Window Protector Kit
Model 3 Rear Corner Window Protector Kit
Model 3 Rear Corner Window Protector Kit
Model 3 Rear Corner Window Protector Kit
Model 3 Rear Corner Window Protector Kit
Model 3 Rear Corner Window Protector Kit

Model 3 Rear Corner Window Protector Kit

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No more Smash & Grabs from your TESLA once this is installed.  

This film is easy to self-install and it is the solution to the ongoing epidemic of small rear corner windows on TESLA's being broken into so thieves can peek inside and fold down your back seats to see what is hidden in your trunk.  They are looking for computers, backpacks, and luggage.  When you install this, the tensile strength of your window will be increased to 32,000 PSI and the required break-in strength is over 100 pounds per square inch.  They will not be able to break your window with their shatter tool, or even a baseball bat.

How is it done?

Criminals are smashing the small rear window as Sentry Mode will not detect quick sharp glass shattering tool. They are shattering the window and breaking the glass so they can reach in and pop down the rear seat-backs to see inside the trunks with a flashlight. There may not be anything to steal, but they will break the window just to check.

Watch this video to understand, and watch the break in at 4 minutes,


They pull up in a getaway vehicle posing as a car looking for a parking space, the perpetrator usually gets out of the getaway vehicle crouched down from the rear, then looks in the vehicle for valuables. If the rear seats are in their standard position, they smash the small triangular rear corner window on the vehicle with their window breaking tool, then they clear a larger whole with their elbow, gloved fist, or a hard object. Next they reach in, release the rear seat to fold the rear seat down and continue to look for valuables in the trunk area. If they see something of value in the trunk, they again use the silent window smashing tool to crack out the larger back door window. They then reach in or climb in to avoid sounding the entry alarm and snatch the backpack that was safely hidden in the trunk.  

This happens in 2 minutes or less, all with no more noise than dropping a pile of pebbles on the asphalt when the safety glass shatters.

How can break ins be prevented?

This invisible polyester film is the solution, which is made from ClearPlex, an optically clear glass protection film.

First off, the thieves do not want to set off your alarm, and they will not know it is installed on your window. When they approach your car they will try to use their shatter tool but it will not break. The glass may get pitted or slightly marked up, but they will not get inside your TESLA thought the rear corner window. The tensile strength will be increased to 32,000 PSI and the break strength is over 100 pounds per square inch.  

This invisible glass protection film is made by Madico, and has been on the market for more than 10 years. This film is 0.0045" thick, yet it is crystal clear. Normally installed on windshields of cars, but we are offering this perfect fit pattern to protect the rear corner Model 3 windows from being broken.

As stated on Madico's website, "ClearPlex Windshield Protection Film can also be applied to sunroofs, side and rear windows for added protection against hail and smash and grab incidents." At RPM TESLA, we install this on windshields to reduce windshield chips and cracks and it also absorbs 95% of Ultraviolet Light.

ClearPlex Material Physical Properties:

Film Thickness:               0.0045”

Base Film Type:               Polyester

Tensile Strength:             32,000 PSI Avg. MD/TD

Break Strength:               100 Pounds Per Inch (Width)

Abrasion Resistance:       0.3 to 0.5 Delta Haze

Pencil Hardness:              9H (harder than glass)

INSTALLATION:  It takes only 20 minutes per window, please watch our demonstration video where we attempt to break the corner window with professional window breaking tools, hammers, even a giant pipe wrench.

This film will deter thieves from breaking the window, and they will give up and move on to the next Model 3.




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