Model 3 & Y Tailgate Applique TESLA Letters (Franz Style)

Install difficulty: Hard 3/5

Fits the Model 3 and Model Y


For the Model 3 & Y Trunk and lif gate we sell our very popular injection molded Model 3 & Y emblems, and our Vinyl Strip Applique', but since the preview of the new Roadster with vinyl TESLA letters, and the performance Model 3 that Franz is driving, we decided to offer this simple think sleek 5 letter Vinyl Decal option. You can choose our chrome vinyl or any other color as listed below.

These 5 T-E-S-L-A letters look great on the tailgate of Model 3's, and since the Model Y's T Logo is not longer held in place with the plastic tabs that protrude out of the logo, you can simply remove the Logo for a cleaner look, and install these decals.

Installing them is very easy as you center the S and then move the E and L out towards the end of the license plate frame. Then the T and A follow with equal spacing.   We suggest you lay some masking tape down and stick the letters down in a straight line. Just use a ruler to make sure they are spaced out equally. Simple to install, just clean the trunk line with rubbing alcohol and place them as high or low as you like on your lift gate.

You choose the color and vinyl material type.

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