Model 3 Under Front Seat Air Vent Covers (1 Pair)

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Fits All Year Model 3 's ONLY - Model Y is a separate item.


Many of our customers have asked us to make this product as items in the back seat have slid into their air vents under their front seats. Once inside the objects slide around and the noise is annoying not to mention they may have something lodged inside that will be very hard to get out and or can obstruct the air flow.

Our Air Vent Covers prevent this from happening.


Tesla Model 3 & Y, like all cars, have air vents under both the driver and passenger side front seats, but TESLA makes them without a cover. In addition, debris that is left on the front floor mats can work its way back under the front seats and become lodged in the vents.

Our Air Vent Covers have been custom designed to fit the Model Y & 3 under seat air vent precisely, and at the same time, allow air flow to occur.

You get 1 pair, one for each side and they just peel and stick. No screws, nothing to drill, just place them down over the vent.


Check out our installation video on the above TAB.

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