Model 3 & Y BLOXSPORT Forged Wheel Spacers - $125 Per Pair

Install difficulty: Expert 4/5

June update: We are temporarily out of stock of 25mm wheel spacers. We have 100s on order. All open orders are expected to ship out in 2 to 3 weeks.

Give your Model 3 or Model Y an aggressive look with a wider wheel stance with these BLOX Forged Wheel Spacers. These spacers will extend your wheels outward as much as 1".


If you are tired of the the passive recessed look of your wheels, these will make a big difference. These spacers are the best money can buy, made from Forged Aircraft Aluminum (6061-T6). They have a 5 year warranty from the manufacturer and they will make your TESLA look amazing.


For the last few months we have tested all 3 thicknesses on our Model 3 & Y, and these spacers do not interfere with the traction control systems or the braking systems in anyway. Some say spacers improve handling, but overall the difference is honestly negligible. We have them installed on our TESLA's because we just love the look.


PRICING:   The pricing is per pair and they are $125 per pair and we include Blue Loctite. This is with our 20% discount. Just place the spacers in your cart to see this price.


INVENTORY:   Always in stock, and If you want to check stock for immediate shipping please try our LIVE Chat during the week and someone from our customer service team can check stock.



We have installed the 25mm spacers on all 4 wheels for some customers. This gives the front a rear an equally aggressive look, and we also have installed 25mm on the rears and 15mm on the front providing a wider rear stance. Regardless, there are no right or wrong choices when it comes to picking your spacer's thickness. That is why we have 3 thicknesses to choose from.  See our photos for many variations.


Which Spacer Thickness Fit Your TESLA's Wheels?


We have tested all TESLA stock wheels because of potential pocket depth shortages between the wheel spokes, and we found the following issues for all Model 3 and Model Y.  

MODEL Y: The 15mm spacers do not fit the 20" Induction Wheels. You have to order 18mm or 25mm. All other wheels and thicknesses work.

MODEL 3:   All thicknesses work unless you have the have Tesla's Track 20" wheels, the 15mm spacers will not fit because of its short pocket depth.  For the 20" Tesla Track wheels we recommend 25'' for the rear and at least 18mm for the front wheels.



For aftermarket wheels, we recommend you measure the pocket debt between your spokes before ordering. The spokes need to accommodate the TESLA stock studs. The threads protrude 27mm for stock rotors and 32mm for the performance rotors.   If you do not have the clearance on your aftermarket wheels the stock TESLA threads will bottom out on your wheels.  

**Confirm specs of your wheels to ensure you get the correct spacers**




  1. Made from High-Strength Aircraft Aluminum Alloy (6061-T6), Lightweight, Forged.Hard Anodized for durability and corrosion protection.

  2. Precision Engineered Hub-Centric and Model Specific for Perfect Fit and Wheel Balance.

  3. Limited Life Range Tested for Wheel Bolts/Stud (1 Million Times) in accordance to ISO3800.

  4. Strength-Tested for Applications (Bolt/Stud/Nut) in accordance to ISO898-1,ISO898-6,SAE J429,SAE J995.

  5. Anti-Rust Tested (NSS 72 Hours) for Applications (Bolt/Stud/Nut) in accordance to ISO9227.

5 Year Warranty.


*** Max Torque spec is 100 ft/lbs for all studs. 10 studs per corner. Factory spec is 129 ft/lbs but only applies to OEM 21mm nuts attaching to OEM Tesla studs *** Spacers are for "off road use only".


This tutorial will give you a basic step-by-step guide to help install our spacers onto your model 3/Y.  
Tools Needed:
1. 21mm socket for OEM lugnuts
2. 10mm socket to remove oem rotor retaining bolts
3. 19mm socket for to secure spacer to the OEM studs.
4.   Floor jack
5.   Jack Pad
6. Torque Bar
7.   Brake pedal pressing for torquing before lowering you car.
  1. On a level surface jack up the corner of the car you will be working on and make sure to secure the vehicle with a jackstand as a safety precaution. Please be aware that jack pucks should be used to reference the factory jacking points. We suggest putting a jack stand under a solid member that will not move as a safety precaution.
  2. Remove factory lugnuts with 21mm socket
  3. Once removed you will see a 10mm retaining bolt on the rotor that will need to be removed.
  4. Once removed you can clean any surface rust with a wire brush prior to installing the spacer.   If you live in an area that sees snow or salt, you should apply anti seize around the hub protrusion to prevent the spacer from getting stuck due to mineral deposits and salt mixing with moisture.
  5. We recommend applying the included Blue Loctite onto the factory studs prior to installing the spacer. This will help to ensure that the nuts do not come loose. If you do not want to use Loctite we recommend that the vehicle be driven for 100 miles and then wheels removed to re-torque the lugnuts attaching the spacer to the OEM studs. Loctite is included with our spacers.
  6. Once loctite is applied proceed to installing the spacer to the hub. Once the spacer is installed you can use the supplied shallow 19mm lugnuts and tighten the spacer to the factory studs.
  7. For the front wheels you will need a friend to hold down the brakes so you can torque the 19mm shallow lugnuts to 100ft/lbs. In the rear the parking brake will prevent the wheel from spinning so this isn't an issue.
  8. Now that the spacer is installed and torqued down you can install the wheel onto the spacer and torque the lugnuts to a max of 100ft/lbs.
  9. Repeat steps above for the other 3 corners.
*** Max Torque spec is 100 ft/lbs for all studs. 10 studs per corner. Factory spec is 129 ft/lbs but only applies to OEM 21mm nuts attaching to OEM Tesla studs *** Spacers are for "off road use only".

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