Model 3 & Y Alcantara Key Card Holder / Key Chain (Only $19 with 20% Off)

Install difficulty: Easy 1/5

This beautiful Key Card Holder for Model 3 & Y is absolutely beautiful. Made from Alcantara. This is perfect for women who want to keep it on their keychain or in their purse. Great for valet parking as well.

Tesla Model 3 & Y Key Card Holder is a solution for many Model 3 & Y owners. If we don't have our phone or we don't have the key card in place by the arm rest we all get the annoying "TAP KEY" warning. Maybe you are tired of your key card dropping between your seats, or digging for it after you put it in your wallet or purse. This is the solution to keep it in place and is very handy for valet parking.

These install just by placing it where you want it near the armrest.

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