Model 3 & Y Turn Signal Stalk Covers - Carbon Fiber Variety*

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Installation difficulty: Easy 1/5

Turn Signal Stalk Covers

*Variety of Carbon Finishes:

Real Carbon - Glossy Black
Real Carbon - Matte Black
Real Carbon - Glossy Red
Hydro Carbon - Matte
Hydro Carbon - Glossy


PRICING: Real Carbon is $75 with 20% off. Hydro Carbon is $35 with 20% off. Terms and conditions apply.


WARRANTY: Real Molded Carbon Fiber is hand laid and is not Prepreg Wet Molded, so it may show imperfections in pattern direction. That is the beauty of Carbon Fiber. All of our Hydro Printed products use a process called Hydro Dipping. This Water Transfer process is also susceptible to Pattern Variations. These variations are normal and are not a manufactures defect. Please refer to our Return Policy if you would like to return them.


MORE INFO: These will make a beautiful addition to your TESLA Model 3 or Y. If you have our carbon fiber steering wheel, the accents, or our carbon fiber dashboard you will love these. These will make a beautiful addition to your TESLA.  

You get 1 pair of stalks, 1 for the Turn Signal Stalk and 1 for the Shifting Stalk. They just snap on in. No double sided tape is necessary as they were designed to fit snugly. If you receive yours with double sided tape, you may use it as added support. Again, it is not necessary for application. Check out installation video to see how easy they snap on.


INSTALLATION: You may click on the tab above or click here.




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