Model 3 2017-2020 & Model Y 2020-01/2021 Center Console Full Tray with Trap Door Gen. 3 -$49

Install difficulty: Easy 1/5
FITS:  Model 3 2017-2010 & Model Y 2020-01/2021
New Gen. 3 is also fully lined with a smooth soft felt surface. It also has a removable trap door compartment to give you access to the lower compartment. The trap door is secured in place by magnets. Also improved for Gen. 3 we have added 4 padded side pieces to guarantee a secure


Our New "Full-Size" Organizational Tray uses the whole length of the front compartment giving you more than double the space of our original tray. This part looks great and is designed to allow the inside LED light to shine inside the tray while giving you access to both USB ports. Store your cell phone, or glasses, change, business cards safe and securely after you exit your car.

Our new full size tray is injection molded in ABS plastic and felt lined. Objects do not fly around even with aggressive driving. This is the best fitting full size shelf and best functioning tray on the market. This drawer is designed to fit perfectly with our improved designed beveled edge so it sits right on top of the ledge between the hinges without interfering with the flip drawer opening.  This drawer was made deeper so it fits larger size glasses or pens and pencils, along with coins and business cards or key cards. This tray is rock solid, not 3D printed and will last for many years. Made from 1 solid piece of ABS injection molded into 1 single solid piece.

Please watch the video to understand the function and ease of installation.

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