Model 3 & Y Swiveling Display Mount (30 Degree Turn) $229 with 20%

Install difficulty: Hard 3/5
$286.25 $325.00

Gen. 2 Swiveling Display Screen Mount for TESLA Model 3 & Y.




This fits all Model 3's Y Y's. Fits RHD, Right Hand Driver & LHD, Left Hand Driver.


RPM GENERATION 2   - Swiveling Screen Mount Kit. Our Gen. 2 version swivels freely Left and Right at anytime, and this version features a newly designed display matching OEM style mounting arm. The new plastic arm assembly completely covers the bracket arm and everything is included for Model Y & Model 3's from 2017 till present.

This mount swivels 30 Degree and does not touch the dashboard at all. The mount is made of powder coated black solid cast aluminum. You also choose to keep it flat or tilted towards the driver for or the passenger and you can swivel it at anytime!

This mount slightly lowers your Model 3 or Model Y's display by 1.5 inches and it allows the display to be turned up to 30 Degrees. It also tilts the display about 9 degrees towards the windshield providing a better direct viewing angle of your display screen. With the 9 degree tilt, you may want to order one of our Display Shade Covers which provides more shade from the 1.25" extended top edge. Click this LINK to learn more about the display shade.


PRICING: Only $229 with Free Shipping in the U.S.A., & $15 for Canada and $20 for all other countries.   Price is reduced once placed in your shopping cart.



If you can remove 6 bolts and remove on connector clip from the back of your display you can install this. Watch our demo video, and then the full installation videos before ordering. You and your passengers will love this product.

Our Demo and Installation video on the above TAB explains how you can install it in 30 minutes. Watch Video #2 first to learn how this is improved, and then watch Video #1 to learn the whole disassembly process. Video 1 then shows the installation of this Gen. 2 version.


We are also instal these at RPM Tesla in Southern California.

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