Model S Trunk Dual 18" Lightbar LED Upgrade Lighting Kit - $80

Install difficulty: Easy 1/5

Only for Model S, an amazing simple to install lighting upgrade kit for your Trunk. This new version does not attached to your utility shelf as our original one does. This secures on the side rails hidden from view and never gets in the way.

This Dual Pack upgrade lighting kit features 2 - 18" long LED strips that have 86 LED diodes each, or 172 total, that emit 1248 Lms at 12000K.  

This is a huge amount of cool LED light. It simply connects right with your existing stock LED lights and adds this long beautiful super bright light to your trunk. No tools required, it's simple, just plug and play.

Note: If you have an older Model S without the 2 forward facing lights on the inside of your trunk this will still connect to the pigtails hidden inside your carpet kit. See our video to learn where to find the stock female connection plugs.

This new version does not attach to your utility shelf, but it secures to the side rails so it is never in the way if you need to remove your utility shelf.

Anyone can install this, as you just unplug your stock LED lights and plug this in. And now you'll have 3 LED lights to brighten your trunk as shown in our photos. Even if you have upgraded to our dual trunk lights, this will help even more.

No wiring is exposed and this is very easy and just plugs right in. No wiring, no cutting, no warranty issues, just plug and play.


Check out our installation video for your model on the Tab Above .

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