Model S & X Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel ( $995 ) Glossy Finish

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Installation difficulty: Hard 3/5

With over 1,000 sold to date, we now have more than 25 TESLA Model S & X cores in rotation which means we have many steering wheels in stock and ready ship. So call or text us at (949) 521-4383 to see if we have yours ready to ship!  

Also, colored stitching and an embedded top racing stripes are now free of charge. Just put a note in the box on your shopping cart page and tell us if you want the stripe of a different colored stitching. Lead time will be 4-6 weeks for colored stitching or racing stripes.


Our Lead time to ship one of these is 1 to 6 weeks because of production variables. We manufacture these with a Glossy or Matte finish, with Black or White leather handles, as well as Heated and Not heated.  We stock the most popular combinations and many order ship out right away.  Please call or text us at (949) 521-4383 and we will check our current inventory status for your combination today.  

Fits all Model S & Model X Tesla.  

Only $999 with our 20% Off Discount, and installation is free in Southern California. Self installation is very easy as well. Our installation video is the tab above, click on it to learn more and to see how easy this installs.

Our pricing includes surrendering your current wheel, or pay $400 extra to keep it. Also, if you have a heated steering wheel now, you can keep this function. Just select the Heated Option and we will install the heat element under the side handles so the leather will warm up when you turn on the heated steering wheel option. Only $100 extra. This does take a week or 2 extra as heated versions are limited.

Steering wheels are obtained through authorized Tesla service centers.

These fantastic carbon fiber molded steering wheels are the best you can buy, ours cost about 1/3 the price of our competitors.  

We make these with 2 finishes Glossy Carbon Fiber or Matte Carbon Fiber. Each come with soft Napa Leather side handles, and you can upgrade the side handles to white leather, alcantara, or suede for $100 more.

Here is how it works. First you are buying a brand new Tesla OEM Steering wheel, and your airbag gets removed from your current wheel and put right into this carbon fiber wheel. We get brand new wheels from Tesla and we removed the leather cover and the poly urethane rubber under it, leaving a steel wheel core. Then we vacuum form mold the carbon fiber to the wheel core. We reinstall a super soft napa leather on the right and left side fo the wheel.   It only takes 10 minutes to install and you can keep your original steering wheel for $400 extra.

With your purchase we ship your new wheel to you along with the 2 sockets you will use to remove and reinstall the wheel. If you live in Southern California we will install your new wheel for free, and we can install it in 15 minutes.  

If you want to install it yourself or you live out of the area, just watch our video to see how easy it is to install this beautiful wheel.  



Our white leather handles are made from very expensive Italian Nappa Leather. It is very soft to the touch, but white leather is prone to getting dirty, staining, and even premature surface wearing can happen when exposed to higher levels of acidity from hand perspiration.

Damaging the white leather can become an issue depending on the acidity level of your hand perspiration which varies from person to person. With white leather side handles we recommend wearing driving gloves to keep perspiration off the leather surface, or holding the wheel on the carbon fiber top or bottom areas and avoiding repeated contact with the white leather handles unless driving gloves are worn.

This wear and tear is not covered by warranty, but we can replace the leather handles with new white or black leather for $179.


For both black and white leather handles we recommend using mild soap and water to clean the carbon fiber and the leather handles. Leather conditioner is recommended as leather can dry out, and something like mild baby wipes will clean your steering wheel, but to increase longevity, we recommend using a leather sealant to protect the white leather, or even a nanoceramic leather treatment like Ceramic Pro. We use Ceramic Pro 9H to seal the white vinyl seats in many customers cars and we use the leather Ceramic Pro treatment on steering wheel leather as well.  



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