Model S & X - RED Door LED Lights 4 Pcs. ($44 w/20% OFF)

Install difficulty: Easy 1/5
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These Red Lights Work on all Model S, Model X only. as Model 3 only has red reflectors.

These RED super bright LED lights increase your TESLA's visiblity dramatically whenever you open your doors. Whether you stop on a freeway or on the street, these are 20 times brighter than your original LED Lights. Super easy to install, they just plug right in.

No wiring or dissasembly, Just unplug & plug in.   These just plug in the side of your doors instead of underneath them. No TESLA warranty issues, just unplug and plug ours in. Takes less than 15 minutes to install a whole set.

These RED - 6 LED lights cost 30% less than our competitors, and yet they are 30% brighter. Our competitors give you only a 2 year warranty, but we give you a lifetime warranty! Better quality, lower pricing, and longer warranty.

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