Model Y Rear Door Panel Caps (1 Pair) - Real Molded Carbon Fiber

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Installation difficulty: Easy 1/5

DESCRIPTION: (Includes 1 Pair for Model Y Rear Doors.) These Model Y Carbon Fiber Rear Door Upper Panel Covers are amazing and add a beautiful sporty finished look to your interior. Once installed you will feel wrapped in carbon fiber if you have one of our dashboard replacements.  

Made from 100% Real Dry Molded Carbon Fiber. No fiberglass no plastic, just a thin layer that sits perfectly over the stock panel.

These are simple to install, just peel and stick. Please watch our Demo & Installation Video on the above TAB before ordering. We show you up close how it will look and how to install them.

We offer these in 2 different finishes the first is glossy finish, or called a wet look. The glossy finish looks the most three dimensional and the pattern of the carbon looks the deepest.

The second is a matte finish, or called a dry look. With matte there is less glare and reflection, but also less depth.

Please watch our video to see how it looks and how simple the installation is, and to learn how to upgrade to this version in case you have any of our other vinyl or plastic versions.



UV Warranty: Door Panel Overlays are coated with 3 coats of UV Protection. Over time without proper care from waxing or applying a nano-ceramic coating this protection can wear off. The warranty is limited to 1 year. Slight yellowing is normal for carbon fiber when parked outside in direct sunlight and is not covered under our warranty. To extend the life, we recommend using a detail spray that enhances UV protection. Ceramic coatings will assist with UV protection and we recommend Ceramic Pro.

Carbon Pattern Warranty: Real Molded Carbon Fiber is hand laid and is not Prepreg Wet Molded, so it may show imperfections in pattern direction. That is the beauty of Carbon Fiber. All of our Hydro Printed products use a process called Hydro Dipping. This Water Transfer process is also susceptible to Pattern Variations. These variations are normal and are not a manufactures defect. Please refer to our Return Policy if you would like to return them.

NOTE: These are considered USED as soon as the double sided adhesive strip is removed. Used items are NOT RETURNABLE so please be sure you're happy with the way it looks and place it on your TESLA before removing the red adhesive cover. Look it from many angles and make sure you love it and that you are comfortable with the installation process before you remove the tape strip cover.


INSTALLATION: In our video on the above TAB we show you how these install with 3M double sided tape. No drilling, no screwing and it they hold on with double sided 3M VHB tape. Just wipe off your upper panels with alcohol and then apply the 3M Adhesive promoter, we include, around the perimeter of the door panel and let it dry for 30 seconds. Then you just peel off the red liner backing strips and fit it on and over the door panel. Takes only 10 minutes to install. After it's on we suggest using painters tape or any other kind of tape to exert more pressure on the double sided tape to insure a strong bond. 3M says 72 hours is needed to full bond so please keep it taped down during these 3 days.

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