Model Y Molded Carbon Fiber Molded Door Sill Covers - $29 to $59

Install difficulty: Easy 1/5

Molded Carbon Fiber Front Door Sill Covers-1 Pair


Cover up and protect your Model Y aluminum door sills with REAL Carbon Fiber door sill covers. These Molded carbon fiber appliqués are coated with thick durable PU polyurethane and we included impregnated silver "Model Y" letters. These are not vinyl stickers but real PU coated carbon fiber, and because of the thick PU coating they will not get scuffed up when stepped on.



Front Door Sills:     $38

Back Door Sills:     $29

Front & Back Door Sills:   $59  (Save $8)


Installation: Clean the surface of the chrome door sill on your Model 3 with water or alcohol. Then, peel the backing off the Molded Carbon Fiber Door Sill. Line up the corners of the Molded Carbon Fiber door sill to the corners of the chrome chrome door sill on your Model 3. The, place the Molded door sill down and rub your hand over it to make sure the glue grips firmly.

Removal: To remove the door sill, take a hair blow dryer or heat gun to the molded carbon fiber door sill. Heat it up until it lifts up easily. Then clean the chrome door sill with rubbing alcohol to remove any left over adhesive residue.


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