Model Y Roof Sunroof Sunshade Screen - (Only $65 with 20% off)

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Model Y Roof Sunshade.


The Model Y's large glass roof allows a tremendous amount of sunlight and heat to pass through them heating up the Model Y's cabin. This is mainly because the glass roof has smoked glass, but it is not tinted. The smoked glass provides some UV resistance, but very limited IR reduction. Without adding window tint to your glass roof, this item is a must.

Our sunshade is made from a lightweight mesh fabric with a collapsible rigid aluminum frame. It comes with 8 self holding invisible like clips and it covers up every inch of your roof's glass. This fits perfect and can be installed and removed easily to be used as needed. It folds up very easily and fits in the included plastic pouch. Store it in the front sub trunk area of your Model Y.  

At RPM we have our sunroofs tinted with 3M Crystalline window tint, but for the greatest heat reduction but we also have these sunshades installed. This is a must if you park your Model Y in sunlight all day long. We also suggest a windshield sunscreen as well for total protection. They are only $39. CLICK HERE to learn more.  

Check out our demo video to learn how to install it and remove it. Click on the TAB above to learn more.

NOTE: It may hang down 2-5 inches in the center as we explain in the video. We have found that it is not necessary as it does not interfere with vision or with you back seat passengers head room.  

NOTE: If you want to reduce more heat and to make it darker we have our Sunroof Light Blockout Screen now in stock. This is the silver piece that fits above this item to block out 95% light and additional heat. Here is the LINK.



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