SPACE X Trunk Emblem & NASA Decal - From $18 with 20% OFF

Install difficulty: Easy 1/5

SPACE X Trunk Emblem and NASA Decal


If you love TESLA, then you probably love SPACE X and NASA as much as we do at RPM.  

Why not add these beautiful logos to the back of your TESLA?  Once added your TESLA will resemble the Model X's when SPACE X took their first astronauts to the launch pad earlier this year.

Quality:  The emblems are made from a Zinc plated Aluminum and are powder coated Satin Black or Chrome plated. These are very high quality and not plastic.  The NASA Decal Logo is printed on 3M Vinyl that is UV Coated, and together they look amazing.  

Pricing:   $18 for the Emblem alone, and $23 with the NASA Decal. These prices are discounted assuming you meet our 20% Off discount threshold of $150 or more. This varies during sales.


Installation:  The emblems hold on with 3M VHB double sided emblem foam and we include a template that you place on your car first then you just peel off the red liner from each letter and press on to apply. The cardboard template makes it a no brainer! Just be sure to clean the location very good with rubbing alcohol to insure a strong bond.


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