Tesla Model 3 & Y Center Caps & Lug Nut Covers - $29 with 20% Off

Install difficulty: Easy 1/5

Tesla Model 3 - 18" Center Caps & Lug Nut Cover Set


This is a must for Model 3 owners with 18" Wheels. When you remove your stock TESLA hubcaps to reveal the grey stock rims you need to cover up the lug nuts and the hole in the center.


This is a full kit with 4 center caps and 20 lug nut covers and the removal tool.   You use the tool to remove the lug nut caps, and if you ever want to remove the center cap you just take off the wheel and pop it out from behind, or use a suction cup...

These center caps are painted in glossy black and the lug nuts are flat black.


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