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Center Caps & Lug Nut Cover Set for Model 3 & Model Y & Model S


Model 3 with 18" Aero- Wheels Years (2017 - 2021)

Model Y with 20" Gemini Wheels Years (2020 -2021)

Model S with 19" Tempest Wheels (2020 - 2021)


This is a must have accessory for Model 3 owners with 18" Aero Wheels, and for Model Y owners with Gemini Wheels and Model S with 19" Tempest Wheels.  

Owners of all 3 models love to remove their hubcaps to reveal the stock beauty of their wheels. Many owners get their wheels powder coated to match their chrome deleted Tesla and many love the silver or grey look of the stock wheel.

When the hubcap is removed you are left with 5 open lug nuts and a missing center cap. This kit covers up the lug nuts and the center hole in your wheel.  

This is a full kit with 4 center caps and 20 lug nut covers and the removal tool.   You use the tool to remove the lug nut caps if you ever have to change your wheel. To remove the center cap you just take off the wheel and pop it out from behind or you can use a suction cup or a duct tape ball without removing the wheel.

We offer the lug nuts and center cap now in Glossy or a Satin Black finish. You also get to choose the plain without a logo, or the TESLA T logo, or a Model 3 logo or a Model Y logo.

The logos are made from 3M 1080 Vinyl and we install them for you. You just pop the center caps in place.

HUB CAP CARRYING CASE:  Owners love to keep their hubcaps in their trunk incase of a road trip where range increases with them installed. For that use we offer a great storage bag. It is also great to keep them safe from getting scratched up in your garage. See the LINK here.

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