TESLA Model 3 - Axle Sound Dampening Skid Plates - From $275

Install difficulty: Moderate 2/5


July 30th update: We are temporarily out of front skid plates. We have 100s on order. All open orders are expected to ship out early fall.


Model 3 Axle Sound Dampening Skid Plates


Make your TESLA Model 3 even quieter while protecting your axles and motors. Our new Sound Dampening Aluminum Skid Plates will protect your Model 3 front and rear drive units while dampening road noise.

Made from 1/8" thick powder-coated aluminum along with 1/8" sound dampening urethane foam. Simple to install using original all original TESLA screws.  

Our Model 3's are produced with a flimsy cloth-like material in front of, and behind our battery trays. This cloth can easily tear or rip, and or be punctured by speed bumps, or steep driveways, or even road debris. It also allows road-noise, tire noise, and underbody wind noise to travel upwards towards the cabin. With our sound-dampening skid plates, your vehicle's motors and axles will be better protected while making it quieter in the passenger cabin.



Many have asked how much quieter this will make your Model 3. We have done before and after sound meter testing and the difference varies based on road surface smoothness, wind direction, and other variables. On average we measured a difference of 3 to 5 decibels, and the location of the sound meter was key.  

It's also fair to note out Model 3 has all 5 of our other noise reduction products on it as well, so having an even quieter cabin made it easier to distinguish the difference with and without this product being installed. Also, our Front Skid Plate was installed over the stock cloth to increase the insulation as we explain more in the demo/installation video.



Material: 1/8" Aluminum - Powder Coated

Insulation: 1/8" Urethane Sponge Foam

Weight: 9 Pounds for Front and 10 Pounds for rear.

                Stock Model 3 OEM fabric weighs 3 to 4 pounds.


PRICING: - Shipping is Not Included

Front Skid Plate: $275

Rear Skid Plate:   $275

Both Plates :       $450 (Save $100)


This item is oversized and only ships by FedEx Ground. Shipping is only free for Non Oversized items. Shipping for each plate in our 12-pound boxes $40 by FedEx ground so that will be added to the unit price once placed in your shopping cart. Buy both plates and save $100.



Contiguous U.S. - $40 for 1 of the Plates and $80 if you buy both.

Canada, Hawaii, or other Country- Please email us with your complete shipping address so we can calculate the shipping price of this item. Rates vary greatly depending of your address.



15 to 30 Minutes. You will need at least 2 jacks to self-install this, but a full lift is best. We install this for free if you are in Southern California as it only takes 15 minutes when you can lift the Model 3 off the ground on a car lift. If you know of a local tire shop they will be able to install this very quickly as many install our other items like caliper covers.


Please watch our installation video before ordering. Click on the TAB Above

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