USB Y Splitter- Male to 2 Dual Female Cable


Order this if you want an additional USB port on your Model 3 for recording video or adding music when you have our Wireless Charging Pad installed.

Also, if you order our USB Y splitting wire we suggest you use it in the manner below.

For the left side of the charging pad, we suggest you plug the left cord directly into the left USB port so you will receive the fastest 7.5 Watts for charging.

For the right USB port you should plug the male end of the Y Splitter into the USB port, and connected our right charging pad wire into the CHARGING ONLY side. Lastly, you can add a Thumb Drive to the other end of the Y splitter for Sentry Mode camera recording, and or for music storage. Also, your passenger side will charge at almost the same rate with the Thumb Drive recording connected to the Y Splitter.

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