Model 3 & Y Drink Stabilizing Cup Holder Divider $ 19.99

Install difficulty: Easy 1/5

Our cup holder stabilizers work in all Model 3 and Model Y's.

If you are tired of water bottles and cups or cans bouncing around in your cup holders this divider is the answer. This will stabilize your drinks from moving with the spring loaded tabs that extend outward in both cup holder sides.   They work great!!  

Originally these were only available 3D printed and were very fragile and did not match the center console glossy finish.

Just press in to install, no tape, not glueing, just a press fit.


Color Choices:

  1. Glossy Black
  2. Glossy Carbon Fiber
  3. Matte Carbon Fiber
  4. Glossy Pearl White.
  5. Matte White



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