Model 3 & Y Swap Out Your Gen. 1 Dashboard for Wood or Aluminum- $299

Install difficulty: Moderate 2/5

Model 3 & Y Dashboard Swap Program

These swappable replacement Dashboards are for Left Hand Drive Tesla's only.

Fits all Generation 1 Dashboards for Model 3' from 2017 - 2010 and all Model Y's made in 2020. This is not for New 2021 models. Once we get Generation 2 dashboards in stock we will do the swap for Gen. 2.


Many customers with black Model Y & Model 3 interiors want a TESLA white aluminum dashboard and many with white interior want a TESLA wood dashboard. This is why we created this item.


Here is how it works.

First, at RPM TESLA, we buy Model 3 and Model Y dashboards from TESLA and we convert them by removing the top white aluminum panel, or the top wood panels from the dashboard core, and we replace the top layer with a carbon fiber panel or a black alcantara panel. (FYI, these are 2 other conversion items we sell in our Dashboard Upgrade Collections for Model 3 and Y).

So if you don't like your current dashboard, and you want the other option you can't order in your TESLA this is the item you order.

We will ship you a TESLA OEM stock Wood dashboard or a TESLA OEM stock white aluminum dashboard and when you get it, you just just remove your original dashboard and you install the TESLA OEM replacement. Then you ship your original unwanted dashboard back to us in the prepaid Fedex Box.

This is a swapping service we do, and we pay the shipping both ways if you live in the contiguous US. That is really what you are paying for as since we have an abundance of new dashboards for our conversion process. Also, some people do not send theirs back, which is OK, but we will have to keep your deposit if you want to retain your original dashboard. That is why we collect a refundable deposit which is called a core charge deposit.



If you want to swap out your dashboard, we collect a refundable core charge deposit of $250 when you place your order. We refund this once we get your original undamaged dashboard core returned to us.

Once you receive your wood or white dashboard from us, you just pack up your original in the same box we send you, and then you put the prepaid FedEx label on top the box (only for the Contiguous US states) and then drop it off at any FedEx Store. 

Note: The core charge fee listed as $300, but it is discounted to $250 once placed in your shopping cart. Also, your whole dashboard cannot have any damage or we cannot use it to fabricate a conversion for another customer.


INSTALLATION: Removing and installing your dashboard is very easy, no tools are required at all. Please watch our installation video located on the above TAB before ordering. It takes 5 minutes.


PRICES:       Open Pore Wood Full Dashboard $ 299

                      White Aluminum Dashboard $299


Free Installation:   Want it installed for free, just select Pick UP and let us know when you want it installed.



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