TESLA Headrest Neck Support Pillows - Fits Model 3, S, X, & Y- $89 per pair


TESLA Headrest Neck Support Pillows 


These amazing headrests fit all Tesla Models. No more fatigue during long road trips when your neck is properly supported with one of our Support TESLA Headrests.

Our Headrests Neck Supporting Pillows fit all TESLA Model S, X, 3, & Y's because of our adjustable features.

Now you can adjust the thickness in 3 ways. Please watch our demo video on the above tab.

Ours feature sleeved covered adjustable elastic straps they look as good from the back seat as they do from the front. They are made from the same soft vegan vinyl material as TESLA's newest seats, and you get your choice of stitching (or piping) color. Pick from a Black or White headrest, and your choice stitching is Red, White, Black, or Blue with the white headrest.

These really are the best on the market, and with our 3 way adjustable features they work the best and match the best.  




Thickness & Softness: Each headrest now has 3 foam inserts that can be combined for maximum thickness and firmness, or 1 of the 2 can be removed to make it thinner and softer. Please watch our Video on the TAB above.

Height: The covered elastic strap can be adjusted to fit your TESLA headrest at any location. Simply remove the velcro sleeve that covers the buckle and elastic strap, then tighten it to fit the top of your headrest or loosen it to fit the lower wider part of your headrest. The adjustment buckle allows the elastic length to be 3" to 8" long.

Angle: Want more neck support on a long road trip? Just remove the headrest from its flattest position and flip it over for greater neck support. See last photo.

Watch our video on the next tab to learn more about this great product.


Warning: These headrests are so comfortable they are recommended for passengers only. Driving with one will support your head and neck, but but attention must be used when driving regardless of autopilot, and you must keep your hands on the wheel at all times. Do not drive if you are tired or fatigued.

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