Turn Signal Indicator Caps Carbon Fiber Coated ABS ($24 a pair with 20% Off)

Install difficulty: Easy 1/5

NOTE : These fit Model S & Model X & Model 3 & Model Y made thru April 2021. After April all of the TESLA Models have a lip on the curved side closest to the camera. This raised lip does not fit this cover correctly.

Our new 2021 version is coming out soon !! If your TESLA was built after March 2021 and has a raise edge or lip next to the camera this will not fit correctly.


These Carbon Fiber Coated ABS Plastic Turn Signal Indicator Caps (one pair) are designed for Enhanced Autopilot 2.0 and beyond. They fit Model S, Model X, Model 3 & Model Y, all models made after October 18th, 2016. Please verify you have the Autopilot 2 side view camera built into your turn signal indicator and not the AP1 before ordering.

These new, affordable carbon fiber coated accents fit great, and they feature a recessed T. These are only available in a glossy finish but if you want a matte finish please consider our carbon fiber dry molded version.

They are easy to install, just peel off the 3M double-sided tape and apply, same method as our carbon fiber version. Video is above on the tab on the right.

These are fully coated with high quality UV resistant clear coating or matte coatings. Each set includes a right and left side for your car. (1 pair).  

The pricing after our 20% Off discount is $29 for Glossy or Matte finish.

If you have our current vinyl wraps installed over your turn signal indicators, please watch our video to learn how to safely remove the vinyl wraps and how to upgrade to these.

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