Model 3 & Y Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Accents 3 Pieces, $75 w/ 20% Off)

Install difficulty: Easy 1/5
Made from 100% Real dry Molded Carbon Fiber. These Steering Wheel Accents fit around the steering wheel buttons and have the cut outs for the lights. These are not soft or flexible carbon fiber, but molded to fit.  
Please note your Steering Wheel Scroll Lights will shine right through the 2 cut out triangles on each of the 2 top covers.

Just peel off the 3M double sided tape and install. These add the perfect carbon fiber splash to your steering wheel. These are coated with high quality UV resistant clear coating or matte coatings.

The pricing after our 20% Off discount is $75 for Glossy and $85 for Matte


NOTE: We also sell these in a vinyl wrap version for only $39, Click HERE to learn more.  

The beautiful carbon fiber steering wheel is not included with this item, but you can learn how to buy one for only $950 by clicking HERE.





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