Model 3 Door Handle Front Face Vinyl Wrap (Only $12 with 20% off)

Install difficulty: Moderate 2/5
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Model 3 Only Fits all years 2017-2019

Our new Model 3 door handles wraps are great. Covering 90% of the visible door handle front surface. These vinyl door handle wraps actually protect your chrome door handles, and eliminate finger prints while showing the polished aluminum handle trim around the perimeter of the front door handle.

We also offer 3 other door handles items.  One is a full vinyl wrap that covers all of the chrome handle and wraps around whole handle providing anti scalding protection.  These are most popular as they hide all of the handle.  Our 2nd version is a clear Urethane version for chrome lovers, but these are made from 3M 1080 Wrap Series Vinyl.  The last version we offer is a molded carbon fiber front cover that hides all of the front edges and is molded from real carbon fiber with a urethane glossy finish.

Colors:  we carry many colors, but the only near perfect matching colors are Glossy Black, Silver, and Pearl White.  We do not have a good match for Tesla Blue, Midnight Silver, or Red.   We have many close matches but not good enough for most Tesla owners.  

Colors Included:  Pearl White, Satin Black ,Glossy Black, Carbon Fiber White & Black, Brushed Metal.

Available in many colors see below. All are 3M 1080 Wrap vinyl. Lifetime Warranty and have extended UV resistance and will not fade or dull over time.

SET OF 4 - 2 for each side of your Model 3.

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