Model 3 & Y Carbon Fiber Door Handle Overlay Covers ($29 w/ 20% OFF)

Install difficulty: Easy 1/5
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Fits all years. (Set of 4 )

Protect you chrome door handles while adding real Carbon Fiber with our NEW Molded Carbon Fiber Door Handles covers.

Our nano-ceramic coating is Ceramic Pro 9H. It increases the tensile strength of the PU polyurethane coating which prevents wear and tear from finger nails while increasing the UV resistance for the life of the door handle. We apply 4 coatings to increase the shine and brilliance.

Our 3M Matte PPF Warp will cover the molded carbon fiber door handle protecting it from wear and tear. If you scratch the 3M Matte PPF it will self heal in sunlight or with a hair blow dryer.

Lifetime warranty with our ceramic pro option or 3M Matte PPF (1 year warranty without) and has extended UV resistance and will not fade or dull over time.

Watch our installation video here it is the last image in the thumbnails. We all have it in on our installation to see how simple these are to install.



UV WARRANTY:   Our mirror caps are coated with 3 coats of UV Protection. Over time without proper care from waxing or applying a nano ceramic coating this protection can be worn off.  

The warranty is limited for only 1 year, and slight yellowing is normal for carbon fiber when parked outside in direct sunlight. To extend the life of your mirror caps we recommend using a detail spray that enhances the UV protection. Also Ceramic coatings will assist with UV protection, and we recommend Ceramic Pro.  


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