Model Y & 3 Backseat LED USB-C Lighting - Fits Model Y & 3's Made after 06/20

Install difficulty: Easy 1/5

For all Model Y's & Model 3's with USB-C backseat ports only. Fits ALL Model Y's & Model 3's made after 06/2020


NOTE: As of June 2020 Model 3's now have USB-C plugs in the back seat. So this is the correct item to order if you have a Model Y or a Model 3 built after June 2020. If your Model 3 was built before or in July 2020 double check the USB port in your back seat vent. Look for Type A or Type C. Type A USB's should order this version. LINK


This upgraded Gen. 2 version allows the USB LED lights to turn on and off manually by rapidly clicking the button 3 times.   After the recent Sentry Mode update many customers have complained about the lights staying on at night because the USB ports are powered up even after you exit the car. The USB ports do turn off after a few hours so we recommend you just leave them plugged in. Power usage is almost zero.


These lights are the perfect solution to increasing your ambient lighting in the back seat and can project either a dim or bright light. They shine in a traditional white light or you may choose from 8 different colors. They match perfectly in your Tesla if you already have our front seat Ambient Light Colored Upgrade Kit in red, blue or purple.

The USB LED light has a light sensor on top so they turn on when it is dark. They shine downward to light up the footwell area of your back seat.

They do require a USB-C port to plug into in the Model Y. There are 2 in your backseat center console and 1 in the front under the cell phone holding tray.

Please watch our installation video to see if you want 1 or 2 or 3 of the USB LED lights.

You can purchase 1 USB LED light for $15 or 2 for $25 or 3 for $32 (with our 20% Off automatic discount with orders over $150)

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